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Transfer lines

Transfer lines are autonomous cell modules, connected by a circulating belt with workpiece holders. They serve a wide variety of applications and offer advantages in terms of modularity, accessibility and efficiency. Usually we combine our transfer lines with flexible robots, testing cells and turntable preassembly satellites. Regardless of whether you need a transfer line system with only a few cells or a large plant - we provide the required know-how.


Indexing turntables

Small assembly parts and rapid cycle times? Indexing turnable systems are ideal for such applications. Indexing turntable cells are frequently very well suited as upstream preassembly satellites. One of our specialties are indexing turntables combined with robot stations and/or manual workplaces. We have developed this system concept to a proven standard.


Robot Concepts

Our innovative robot concepts make Asic Robotics AG a leading supplier in the field of special machine construction. With Scara and articulated robots we realize user-friendly solutions with or without image processing. You profit from our wealth of experience and our special developments, such as our famous Multigripper. Convince yourself of our flexibility and efficiency!


Manual Systems

As new markets open, manual systems are gaining importance. Zihlmann Profiltechnik AG, a member of our corporate group, has specialized in such systems. However automatic operations and tests are included in nearly every manual system - we provide manual or semi-automatic solutions, from single manual workstations right up to assembly lines with interlinked manual workstations. You profit from our know-how and obtain everything from one company.


Injection Molding Machines

More and more manufacturers of plastic parts secure their competitive advantage using injection molding machine automation from Asic Robotics AG. With our innovative robotic solutions we are specialized in charging and discharging horizontal and vertical machines as well as automation of the periphery. We prepare the parts and assemblies for injection molding with 4 and 6-axis robots and discharge, complete, test and package the injection molded parts.


Machine Charging

Handling the individual parts as lay parts direct from the processing machine places high requirements on cleanliness and component quality. This includes integrated, detailed tests, marking and data logging for traceability. Our integrated, robot-based solutions offer you a flexible approach to match your requirements - this is practically the first step to preassembled components.


Packaging Facilities

We take care of everything: From integrated solutions at the periphery of our equipment right up to your own custom packaging unit with gluing processes and prefabrication of boxes. This also includes use of image processing systems, for example, for monitoring the robotic conveyor belt in the foodstuffs industry. Our solutions are not limited to packaging technology - they also include assembly technology - which makes them astoundingly different.



Whether pallets, blisters, KLT boxes (Euro containers) or whatever – we offer integrated palleting solutions for our equipment. Such pallet feeders, with or without stacker, can be integrated into your overall solution, particularly in combination with robotic equipment, at surprisingly economical cost. We offer the entire spectrum, from standard palleting machines to autonomous pallet lifts right up to custom applications with or without integrated image processing.