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Free selection of best customer solution

Our objective is not to adapt standard machines to customer specifications. On the contrary, we attempt to work out a custom machine concept without preconceptions or blind spots. Leave enough room in your concept for our ideas. Thanks to our diversification in many branches, we frequently find unconventional ideas for solutions, which we can develop to meet your specific requirements.


Other, novel solution approaches

We are passionate about design engineering and motivated to breaking new ground. And because our method of thinking is just as flexible as our robots, we are successful in finding completely different, novel solutions.
This gives you decisive advantages in terms of flexibility, engineering and efficiency..


Minute Planning

Each special machine is one-of-a kind, custom design, which also poses certain risks. This is why we place great value on detailed, minute planning - the equipment has to run in the eye of our mind even before the contract is concluded. This is complex and laborious, and certainly not the simplest or quickest method initially. But in the end it is the best. This is the only way to ensure smooth project continuity and obtain the greatest possible security for all involved.

Flexible Robotik

Leading in flexible robotics

Our unique, innovative robot concepts have made us a leading provider for robotic solutions. We realize equipment with 4 to 6-axis robotic systems, if required, even with integrated image processing.

We understand robots. Our experience from hundreds of robotic applications and our developments in the field of robotics ensure particularly flexible solutions with a wide range of versions, capable of stage-by-stage upgrading and adaptation.

Software Struktur

Smart Software Structure

Our equipment is all one-of-a-kind to meet specific customer requirements, which excludes the possibility of using standard software. But we had an idea, and developed an open, high tech software structure with standardized function modules.

This software structure allows our specialists to program different prototypes uniformly, efficiently and with maximum reliability. As our customer, you profit from higher reliability in terms of function and quality as well as starting production faster and more reliably.

einfache bedeinung.jpg

Unique, Simple Operation

Controllability and masterability of equipment is of central importance for successful production.

The increasing requirements placed on control interfaces (PC, LAN, PDA etc.) are frequently too complicated for foreign-language employees. We looked for a solution and made up a booklet of specifications in cooperation with our customers’ production and service departments. This was used as the basis for developing hardware and software with a multiple stage operating structure. With this unique and simple control, it is easy to train employees to operate any system.

project structure

Adapted Company and Project Structure

Adapted structures are required to be successful in the special machine business. This is why we keep hierarchies flat: At our company a competent staff member takes charge of the project from offer to project conclusion. This keeps our decision-making paths short and our project handling lean and efficient while preventing unnecessary interfaces.


Sustainable Reliability

We strive to establish long-term partnerships with our customers. We believe that mutual familiarity and trust are the basis for exceptional success. This is why we always remain realistic with our promises - even when it occasionally does not satisfy all your wishes. You can count on us - one hundred percent.

Our numerous regular customers prove it: Sustainable reliability pays off!