Asic Robotics AG ∙ CH-3400 Burgdorf



Asic Robotics Firmengruppe

Asic Robotics AG

  • System Business
  • Commerce with automation components
  • Services

85 Employees


German Offices

Alte Rommelshauser Strasse 50
D-71332 Waiblingen, Germany
Tel. +49 (0)7151 56 53 78


French Offices

10, rue du Général Koenig
F-67150 Gertsheim, France
Tel. +33 3 90 00 20 43



Pematech AG

Pematech AG

Pematech AG located in Germany is active worldwide, producing automated backend and testing facilities for production of electronic equipment.


Business fields:

  • System Business
  • Tools & Fixtures

70 Employees


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Zihlmann Profiltechnik AG

Zihlmann Profiltechnik AG

Zihlmann Profiltechnik AG completes our high tech offer at the primary level, supplying high quality basic components for our system business.


Business fields:

  • Channels and accessories, channel construction
  • Workplace systems, special machines
  • Conveyor belt equipment
  • Linear axes

Equity holding 100 %, 20 Employees


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Scheidegger Feinmechanik AG

Scheidegger Feinmechanik AG

Scheidegger Feinmechanik AG is a high tech manufacturer of mechanical production parts. Allows quick reactions times, because it has offices in our building.


Business fields:

  • Turning shop
  • Milling shop
  • Various types of machining

10 Employees


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Fördertopf Zufag

Zufag AG

The Zufag AG with home offices in Lützelflüh has successfully produced custom conveying and feeding systems for over 28 years.


Zufag AG customers include various industrial branches such as:

  • Automotive industry
  • Watch industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry e.g. medical technology
  • Electrical industry

13 Employees


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