Asic Robotics AG ∙ CH-3400 Burgdorf



Asic Robotics Firmengruppe

Asic Robotics AG

  • System Business
  • Commerce with automation components
  • Services

90 Employees


Office Stuttgart

Alte Rommelshauser Strasse 50
D-71332 Waiblingen, Germany
Tel. +49 (0)7151 56 53 78


Office Coburg

Am Schnettengraben 9
D-96271 Grub am Forst, Germany
Tel. +49 (0)1707 97 83 99




Ambis Solutions AG

Ambis Solutions AG absorbs all business of the previous companies Zihlmann Profiltechnik AG, Scheidegger Feinmechanik AG and Zufag AG as of January 1, 2021. The three companies will merge into the new Ambis Solutions AG and enter the market as of 2021.


Business fields:

  • Mechanical manufacturing: Turning, milling and various machining operations
  • Profile construction: aluminum profile system incl. components, workstation equipment, frames, conveyors and roller conveyors
  • Feeding technology: spiral, linear, plate and step conveyors, as well as flexible feeding systems and special designs
  • Special machines: palletizing systems, manual workstations (one-piece-flow) as well as semi- and fully automatic special machines

60 Employees


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Pematech AG

Pematech GmbH

Pematech GmbH located in Germany is active worldwide, producing automated backend and testing facilities for production of electronic equipment.


Business fields:

  • System Business
  • Tools & Fixtures

80 Employees


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